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ATS Rentals Terms of Service

We want your rental experience to be a great one. If a concern arises during your rental, we'll work with you to resolve it in the best possible way. So you can be aware of how we handle certain circumstances, here are our official policies.

Key Points - Read Below for Full Details

Terms of Service Agreement

Upon placing your order, you will receive an email from ATS Rentals requesting that you return additional documents for verification, if required. By doing so, you indicate your agreement to the terms of service that you are currently reading. You can return these documents by scanning or taking a photo and then uploading to our secure website, emailing, or faxing us. If you do not receive the email from us, check your spam or junk folder. If you still cannot locate the email, please call us for instructions. If we do not receive these documents from you, then we cannot ship your order, and your order will be canceled once it is too late to ship. A cancellation fee may be charged, see "Cancellations" below.

Fraud, Theft, and Security Reviews

99.9% of our customers are a pleasure to do business with and take excellent care of our equipment. Although rare, there are a few unfortunate exceptions, and we take extensive measures to identify, investigate, and prosecute criminals when they cross our path.

We carefully review all orders to prevent theft and fraud. During this process we may contact you for additional information or we may ask you to provide additional insurance or a deposit to secure the order. We reserve the right to further investigate and/or cancel any orders that we identify as potentially fraudulent or that pose other security risks. If we elect to cancel an order due to fraud concerns or for any other reason, we will make every effort to notify the customer promptly and work toward a resolution if possible.

Please note that we do not accept payment from virtual cards, temporary bank cards, prepaid debit cards, or reloadable money cards. A debit card such as a Visa check card that is linked to your bank account is okay, as long as it is not a temporary or virtual card. Use of a temporary, virtual, prepaid, or reloadable card for payment may result in cancellation of your order.

Limitation of Liability

We will make every effort to ensure equipment reaches you on time and in correct working order. Because circumstances beyond our control may prevent equipment from reaching you on time and/or from working correctly at all times, we cannot 100% guarantee that you will have working equipment when and where you need it.

In the case of service failures, will refund all shipping charges and rental fees relating to rental days that the equipment was missing and/or not working correctly.

In case of defective equipment you must contact us immediately for instructions and return the equipment promptly to be eligible for a refund. We may offer additional rental days as an alternative to a refund, especially in the case of late arrival. If equipment works correctly for part of a rental period and then malfunctions, we will not necessarily refund charges related to the days the equipment worked correctly and/or rental days prior to our being notified of the problem.

Under no circumstances shall be liable for incidental damages resulting from late or malfunctioning equipment. Our liability is limited to the shipping charges and rental fees paid on your order.

Accidental Damage Coverage

We do not require you to carry additional insurance on equipment, except on a rare case-by-case basis due to security concerns or orders with very high equipment value. In all cases, the cost of accidental damage coverage is built into your rental. There is an accidental damage deductible of 10% of the value of each item on the order. The value will be printed on your packing list. This deductible covers damage to the item and extends to any accessories included with that item.

If you return a rental item or an accessory with damage, you will be charged the deductible for that rental item (or the cost to repair the damage or replace the damaged accessory, whichever is less).

If the equipment suffers accidental damage during the rental and you still need to use the equipment, we will do everything we can to swap out the damaged item for one that works. Any additional shipping charges required to swap out the equipment will count toward the deductible, so you will only be responsible for the cost of repair and shipping or the full deductible, whichever is less.

Water damage is not covered by our accidental damage protection. This rule extends to the use of underwater equipment as well. We recommend extreme caution be used at all times while using items designed for underwater use. Deliberate or fraudulent damage to equipment is also not covered and may be prosecuted.

Damage and Equipment Loss Examples:

Security Deposit

We do not require security deposits for the majority of orders with us. After a security review, we may ask you for additional insurance or for a deposit on some very large orders or for very expensive items. If this will be required of you, we will contact you with options well before your order ships. If a deposit is required, that hold will be released as soon as the equipment is returned undamaged.

Missing Accessories

If you return a rental item but forget to send back an accessory, you are responsible for the replacement value of the missing item. The damage deductible does not cover items that are missing or lost. If you find the lost accessory after being charged, just return it to us and we will refund the charge.

Equipment Loss or Theft

If the equipment is lost or stolen, and/or you do not return the equipment at all, you are responsible for the full value of the equipment and we will attempt to collect that balance from you. If we are unable to collect this balance, we may employ a collection agency and/or attorney and your credit report could be negatively affected. You agree to pay a monthly finance charge of 2% or the maximum applicable state rate on all past due balances. You agree to pay all costs of collection and litigation on your account in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.

Additional Security Requirement for Some Rentals

In certain circumstances, we will also require you to submit a copy of your driver's license and credit card or other verification documents. We may also require additional insurance or a deposit in rare cases. These additional requirement assist us in investigating, preventing, and prosecuting fraud.

UPS Shipping

An adult must be present to receive the equipment when the UPS delivery driver arrives. If no one is available to sign, the equipment will not be delivered on time. UPS will re-attempt to deliver your order the following business day. No refund will be given for orders that are late or undelivered because no adult was available to sign when UPS arrived.

If you use the UPS MyChoice service, please contact us before making any changes to your delivery. Some MyChoice options may delay delivery by 1 business day, so to avoid any unnecessary delays, please check with us first.

If you receive a shipment in damaged condition, you must notify the UPS delivery driver of the damage, and contact us immediately for instructions. Shipping damage claims must be reported to us the same business day you receive the item from UPS. Late damage reports may be considered damage during use, not damage during shipping.

The vast majority of our shipments will arrive on the scheduled day. UPS's on-time delivery record is about 99.7%. Our record for getting shipments to UPS accurately and on-time is even better than that. Still, on rare occasions, a shipment may be late. Late shipments can be caused by severe weather, an incorrect address, or other unexpected interruptions. If you are renting equipment for a once-in-a-lifetime event that cannot be rescheduled, we advise scheduling the equipment to arrive a day or more early, just in case. See limited warranty above regarding limitations of liability in the case of late arrival.

Freight Shipping

Some large items must be delivered by truck freight only. If your order includes a freight-only item, all items will be delivered via truck freight. If you need any assistance placing your order or have questions about shipping options, please contact us.

When you add freight-only item to your cart, both the pickup and return freight are included in the price shown. Standard freight delivery will require a dock or forklift to unload. Lift gate service is also available and is required if the delivery location does not have a dock or a forklift. Additional freight charges may apply for residential areas, trade show locations, loading and unloading assistance, etc. You are responsible for any additional freight charges. We will communicate any additional charges separately once the freight delivery and pickup are completed.

Someone must be present at delivery and at return pickup. If you are not available on the scheduled delivery or pick up day, a fee will apply. This fee will depend on the freight carrier and their ability to reschedule delivery. If you miss your delivery appointment and the freight carrier cannot reattempt delivery, no refunds will be issued.


Our system schedules and reserves equipment to avoid double booking. However, if equipment is not returned on time or is returned damaged from a prior booking, we may be unable to provide the equipment on time to the next scheduled booking(s). Our scheduling system plans buffer time between each rental to ensure availability even when interruptions occur, but surprises are still possible. If this happens we will make every effort to notify you as soon as we learn of an issue, and we will purchase additional equipment or substitute similar equipment when possible.

Local Pick Up and Return

You are welcome to pick up or return rental equipment at our location in Piper City, IL. If you plan to pick up or drop off your rental order, please note the request in the comment section during checkout or place your order over the phone as this option is not listed during the checkout process.

If this is your first time renting with us, please place your order in advance to allow time to submit additional verification documents if required. We must receive and verify these documents before your order will be available to pick up.

Rental orders may be picked up or dropped off between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Please designate your desired pickup time when placing your order so that your order will be ready to go when you arrive. If you place your order online, then shipping charges applied at checkout are reimbursed when your order is converted to a local pickup. If you opt to return your rental order via UPS Ground, you will only be charged for return shipping.

Rental Extensions

Rentals may be extended only if the equipment is available. Please contact us no later than 4pm CT on your reship date to check availability. If the equipment is not available, we will not be able to extend the rental as other customers may be scheduled to receive the equipment shortly after your rental ends and we want to do our best to ensure they receive their rental on time as well. If a rental extension is not possible and the equipment is not returned, it will be considered late. Late fees will apply to each day until the rental is returned. Similarly, if your reship date has passed and you have not contacted us or returned the equipment, your return will be considered late. Late fees will apply to each day until you contact us to check availability or you return the rental. Late fees are non-refundable, so it is very important to contact us before your return is overdue.

Extending will cost less than placing a new order, but it will cost more than if you had rented for the full period of time in the first place. For instance, a 2 week rental will be less expensive than a 1 week rental plus a 1 week extension. Please contact us to check extension rates.

Equipment Return Condition

Please return equipment in the same condition that you received it by making sure that the equipment is clean and that it is properly assembled. Additional fees will apply if the equipment needs extensive cleaning, reconditioning, or reassembly beyond what is expected with normal wear and tear.

Cleaning Fee An additional fee will be assessed if the equipment requires special cleaning before it can return to our rental inventory. Special cleaning may be required if the equipment has been exposed to mud, sand, smoke, excessive amounts of dirt, or to any other material that requires special attention to clean like tape, glitter, or powders. This fee will range from $25-$50/hr depending on the severity of the exposure and the amount of expertise required to clean that particular item. This fee will not exceed the damage deductible on the item that requires cleaning.

Reassembly Fee An additional fee will be assessed if the equipment must be reassembled upon return. This fee will range from $25-$50/hr depending on the time and expertise required to reassemble that item. This fee will not exceed the damage deductible on the item that requires reassembly.

Late Returns

It is extremely important that you ship the equipment back to us by 5pm on the last day of your scheduled rental. Other customers may be scheduled to receive the equipment shortly after your rental ends, and we want to do our best to ensure they receive their equipment on time. All late returns will be charged 50% of the 1-day rental price for each day past the scheduled return date. You may be able to contact us for a rental extension at a lower rate, as long as we don't have any outstanding reservations for the equipment.

If you forget to send back an accessory, like a cable or a remote control, don't worry. Late fees do not apply to missing accessories. After we notify you that an accessory is missing, you have 14 days to return it before being charged the replacement value. Let us know that you mailed it back, and we will make sure you are not charged.

Refund Policy

We want you to have a successful experience using the equipment you rent from ATS Rentals. If the equipment experiences a substantial malfunction or does not arrive on time due to a service failure by ATS Rentals or the shipping carrier, we will refund all charges related to days you were unable to use the equipment.

No-Hassle Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans change and you should not be punished for that. We will gladly help you cancel an order with a full refund, provided no part of the order has shipped.

Unfortunately orders may not be canceled after all or part of the order has shipped. Once your rental order has shipped, you are responsible for the cost of shipping, the 1-Day rental price on all shipped items, and any applicable tax. You are still welcome to refuse delivery or use the included return label to return early for a refund of any unused rental days.

For orders shipping Ground, shipping may take place up to 4 business days before you are scheduled to receive the equipment. If you think you may need to cancel or reschedule an order, please let us know as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to assess a fee under certain circumstances if we suspect abuse of this policy.


ATS Rentals may attempt to collect any past due balance on your account through our attorney's office and/or civil litigation. You agree to pay all costs of collection and litigation on this account in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.

Also see our Privacy Policy.