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Overhead Projector Rental

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Weekend: Fri to Mon$19
1 business day$19
2 business days$21
3 business days$23
4 business days$25
1 Week   more... $27
Saturdays and Sundays FREE
Accident Coverage Included

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Please Note:

This item is no longer available to rent.

Please view Item Details for more information about this item or What’s Included to see a complete list of included accessories.

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Please Note:

This item is no longer available to rent.


The 3M 2000 portable overhead projector is light and easy to carry. Use it to show transparencies for a class or presentation. It is also handy for displaying writing or sketches made on a clear plastic sheet for live interaction with a group of students or just to use as a guide for tracing. Projector weighs 15 pounds.

The wide-angle lens is good for close-to-the-screen settings. This projector is rated at 1600 lumens.

Please note: This projector is for use with clear sheets or transparencies only. It will not connect to a laptop or DVD player and it will not show images from a regular piece of paper like a camera.

Please check out our digital projector rental options if you need to connect to a laptop or DVD player. If you plan to show documents or pages from a book, please consider a document camera rental. When connected to a TV or projector, a document camera will display anything you put under it. Please give us a call if you need any help selecting the right projector for your event.

Please Note:

This item is no longer available to rent.

These items are included with the rental:

  • 3M 2000 Portable Overhead Projector
  • Clear Plastic Sheet
  • Set Up Guide

A PDF version of the instruction manual is available on the Support tab.

Please Note:

This item is no longer available to rent.

Links to support information:

View Overhead Projector Manual (PDF)

View Overhead Projector Setup Guide (PDF)

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