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DVD Projector Rental

These projectors have the DVD player built-in for easy set up during your next movie night. Just put in a DVD, point the projector at a wall or a screen, and you’re ready to enjoy the show.

Click on a projector to view details about that model or please give us a call if you need help choosing the one that is right for you.

Questions & Answers

Can I also rent a screen?
DVD Projector Rental

2500 lumens. Brighter picture. All-in-one unit for easy setup. Very portable.

Weekend: Fri to Mon$83
1 business day$83
2 business days$93
3 business days$102
4 business days$112
1 Week   more... $121
Saturdays and Sundays FREE

Q & A for DVD Projector Rental

Can I also rent a screen?

Yes! We carry several screen options that support both front and rear projection.


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