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8mm Film Projector DISCONTINUED Rental

8mm Projector Rental

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Weekend: Fri to Mon$69
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2 business days$73
3 business days$76
4 business days$80
1 Week   more... $83
Saturdays and Sundays FREE
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This item is no longer available to rent.

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Please Note:

This item is no longer available to rent.


The Anscovision 8mm film projector will make those old home movies feel new again. It accepts 8mm and Super 8mm film. It features automatic film threading and has a 400-foot reel capacity. It will project a screen up to 30 x 40-inches.

Please note: This film projector does not have speakers or sound options. Most 8mm films did not feature sound.

What’s Included

  • 7-inch Take-up Reel
  • Adapter for Super 8mm Film
  • Dust Brush
  • One Replacement Lamp
  • Setup Guide

View 8mm Film Projector Instruction Manual (PDF)

View Set Up Guide (PDF)

Q & A for the 8mm Film Projector DISCONTINUED

Can I have film transferred to a DVD?

Yes, by using a transfer service. There are companies both online or found locally who have the equipment necessary to transfer many different kinds of film. Online companies will require you to ship them your film, so a local company may be a better option if your film is very delicate or irreplaceable so that you can hand deliver it and pick it up.

Can I transfer film to a DVD at home?

Yes and no. Film projectors were not made with the outputs to connect to modern video equipment. However, you can project the film on a good projection surface and record the film using a video camera . Here are a few tips.

  • Keep the projected image small so that it will be as sharp as possible.
  • Turn off the microphone on the camera to prevent unnecessary camera noise.
  • Use a tripod to keep the camera steady and make sure the projector is on a very stable surface.
  • Try to align the camera behind the projector if possible. Test the alignment by recording a few minutes of the film to see if the camera is too far to one side or the other.
  • Transfer the video to a computer, then burn it to a DVD for yourself. Remember to make a copy for everyone!

Please Note:

This item is no longer available to rent.

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