Our Unconditional Promise

We promise to go way beyond the call of duty to ensure your event is a success.

We are intensely, fanatically committed to this promise. We never, EVER want you to be embarrassed by a technical problem or equipment that didn't arrive on time. Every time we test a piece of equipment, work with UPS to prevent a late delivery, or answer an after-hours tech support call, we are working to live up to this promise.

We wish we could say we are successful 100% of the time, but sometimes all our efforts fail and we let a customer down. We hate it when that happens, because we know how important your events are. Even if it was caused by severe weather or a UPS error, we take responsibility, and we will issue a full refund for the rental and shipping.


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Thank you so much ATS rentals for the Canon 85mm 1.2L lens! It was absolutely wonderful for my photojournalism project. 
- Kelly, via Facebook
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