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finally have time to post a review! I rented a Nikon 50mm/1.8G and a Nikon 28-300mm/3.5-5.6 for my family vacation to Disney. I revived my order on time, on the box was a hand drawn mouse hat and inside was a handwritten letter wising the best for our vacation! ATS Rentals Is the best!

- Jared from Lakeland, Florida


This was my first experience ever renting a camera. My family and I decided to go out west when everyone else was going to Florida. This trip included Wyoming, Montana, and everywhere in between. (Iíd always been on the fence about renting vs buying gear because of the painful desire to keep it, lol.)

ATS offers several cinema camera options, which is much of my familiar background.. However, I wanted a camera with a small footprint, Wide DR, framerate options, beautiful clean 4K image as well as high MP stills, and a lower bitrate so I wouldnít burn through SD cards so quickly.

Long story short, I rented the Sony A7Rii with a Zeiss 16-35mm and headed west with a single 128gig SD card and created the video above. The entire experience through ATS was amazing. They actually sent it a day early so I could get familiar with it, packed it up very nicely with a handful of candy, and included a return UPS label. The experience was so good in fact, I canít see a single reason why Iíd want to buy a camera setup when I can just rent from ATS and get a no hassle, low cost solution for anything that comes up. Quality all the way from end to end.

So you guys have a return customer for life, and thank you!!

Jeremy Woods
- jeremy from New Whiteland, Indiana
Your customer service is fantastic! I recently chatted with JODY on 6/6/16 and she was able to answer every question I had. She was understanding, had great patience, and was able to help me with the given scenario. I was so thankful and am so thankful. I have rented from here once before, am now renting, and will definitely be renting for a very long time. I appreciate everything you guys do! Thanks for being such a huge help Jody! You were great and deserve much more than 5 plus stars! Great customer service guys! Well done and wonderful and reliable equipment! :D :D :D

Elizabeth Vigna
La Vita Ť Bella Photography

- Elizabeth from JEFFERSON, New York
Just two weeks ago I wrote a very positive review of the service that ATS offers. Little did I know that the service can get better. On April 10th my son had an accident while playing in our backyard which resulted in him severely breaking his arm. I rented a lense and flash for an event on April 8th that needed to be returned by Monday. With the events that followed my sons accident I was tied up with doctors until today. I missed many professional and personal appointments during those two days leaving me feeling very guilty and apologetic to each of the parties I had to put on hold during this time. After expressing my apology to ATS and asking that they charge my credit card for the late fees and that I would rush the items back, they immediately responded in the most unexpected way attached is that response:

"I am sorry to hear about your son. I hope that he has a speedy recovery.

I have gone ahead and extended your rental out until the 13th at no cost to you. If you would like to do the overnight shipping that would be amazing. We would appreciate that greatly. If you do, we would need the tracking on that so that we can track the package.

This in no way harms your rental ability with us. We understand that life happens. You could not know that this would happen. I do hope that he gets better soon.

Thank you,


Jody Huff
Customer Service Representative"

This is what separates well run companies from the trash that we all so normally interact with. I strongly recommend that anyone considering using ATS do so, you will not be sorry. They have made a serious mark on my mind and will be my only choice for camera equipment rental for life. Thanks to ATS for your understanding and kudos to your Customer service staff for having such employees as Jody.
- Clifton from Raleigh , North Carolina
I have used ATS more times than I have counted. I have never had a hang up or an issue in my experience. I quite enjoy the access to unique equipment and will continue to rent from them as often as I get a place to photograph. Thank you to ATS for all of your hard work I for one genuinely appreciate it.

- Clifton from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Iím new to renting equipment like this online and was quite impressed with the friendly, knowledgeable customer service and ease of receiving and returning the equipment. Instructions found online were very helpful. Thank you, ATS (especially Danielle) for your service.
- Sue from Denver, Colorado
Im new on renting lens ...First time experience is really great, coming back for more to test different lens to decide what lens i need to buy next time ..
- rochelle from indiana, Pennsylvania
I ordered at speed booster and lens for a music video I was shooting last week. I received a text from UPS stating that I could not receive my package until that following Monday. I was very upset and thought I will never do business with ATS. My shoot was on Saturday and I could not reschedule! After speaking to a rep (Danielle) she was able to get the bottom of it and found out that it was UPS who messed up my order and locked the package in a truck for the weekend. Not only did Danielle get me a package sent ON A Saturday for the inconvenience, I was able to test out a camera I maybe considering buying now. After that experience I will consider coming back and I want to thank Danielle for understanding my frustration being a first time customer and solving the issue for me!
- Donte from Albany, New York
Thank you ATS! I was able to pull off an amazing HD-video shoot with a client thanks to your product offerings. I ordered a green screen kit, kessler crane, and a Sony HD video camera. The camera was setup and ready to use, so I didnít waste anytime formatting, etc. The crane and lighting set were extremely easy to assemble with the instructions provided. Everything arrived on time and shipped out easy. Also, the complimentary candy was nice to nibble on while reading through the instructions ;)

- Benjamin from Baltimore, Maryland
ATS Rentals ran into a shipping delay due to storms/flooding and still got the gear to me in time for the rocket launch. You guys are the best!

- Trevor from Valparaiso, Indiana
Fast, smooth service. Lens performed beautifully. Canít wait to rent again next month for my trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Thank you.

- Tim from South Windsor, Connecticut
Amazing service! The equipment was top notch and showed up when I needed it. Outstanding customer service. A shoot got cancelled and they were able to refund me.

I will definitely be using this service for all of my future projects!
- Matt from Brooklyn, New York
Awesome experience. I have been looking at renting a lens to test out my new hand held stabilizer (needed a wide angle lens) I looked around where I live and found a company that would rent the lens but it was going to be $60 dollars a week and the wanted a $700.00 deposit. What are they thinking? I could have bought the lens for $500.00 but I wanted to test and make sure that it would work before I bought one. Well then I saw ATS Rentals and my problems were solved. They were quick, efficient, nice and professional. It is great to know that there are companies that actually care about the consumer and want to help them out anyway they can. I will surely be renting from them again and will definitely refer them to anyone that I talk to that is looking to rent camera and AV equipment. Thank you so much ATS Rental for making this experience so easy and cost effective. Oh and by the way my kids loved the lollipops :). Thanks again for all the help.
- Nathan from Austin, Texas
GREAT customer service! Thanks so much!!
- Nichole from West Branch, Michigan
I have used ATS Rentals what will be 3 times after this weekend. I have been renting the Nikon D700 while mine is getting maintenanced and taking Way longer than it should have.
ATS is making these transactions so simple, you simply choose your days, checkout. It comes within 3 days, afterwards you package everything you recieve back up (they add everything you need in box, even tape!!) And ship at a ups or FedEx location.
Thank you ATS! Iíll have to rent lenses next time =)

- Samantha from Rindge, New Hampshire

Reply Comments: Thanks, Samantha! Weíre so glad you enjoyed our service. Just one note, please always use UPS for your return. We do not have service with FedEx. - Kim
Great, speedy service. My lens arrived as expected and in good condition. Canít wait to use it this weekend. Thanks ATS. Iím glad I found you. Youíre also cheaper than the other vendors I researched.
- Mark from Dayton, Ohio
I rented a projector for a kids birthday party. It was my first time renting this kind of equipment. The custom service was excellent, the directions about the delivery, using and returning the equipment were very clearer. It arrived on time and worked perfectly. They even gave me a choice to have it a day earlier at no extra charge to try it before the party. I would definitely rent from ATS again!
- Maria from Lawrenceville, New Jersey
First time customer, wonít be the last...excellent service. I placed my order 04/15/2015 and got it delivered on 04/17/2015 for my shoot on Saturday. The lens came as expected, packed well with all the necessary labels to send it back. Easy as putting your camera on automatic and pushing the button. I will definitely be using ATS rentals on more of my shoots. Thank you ATS for making my first lens rental from you a great success. -
- Matt from Peachtree City, Georgia
Rented Canon 7dmark ii with 70-200 Version ii. Amazing customer service and i got the gear on time and all the gear was supper clean and new. this is the only place i am renting from ever again even thou i have a place to rent 10 miles away from my house. thank you ATS.
- Baabish from Oakland, California
Very impressed with the efficient service and excellent equipment. My wifeís birthday party was a success in part because of the quick and easy setup of the ATS equipment as well as its flawless performance.
- Steve from Old Lyme, Connecticut
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You were cheaper than any other service I found and helped make my brotherís wedding a great success. 
- Catherine, Massachusetts
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