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Canon MA-300 XLR Adapter DISCONTINUED Rental

Rent Canon MA-300 XLR Adapter

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Weekend: Fri to Mon$12
1 business day$12
2 business days$13
3 business days$14
4 business days$15
1 Week   more... $16
Saturdays and Sundays FREE
Accident Coverage Included

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Used with the Canon GL2, this device mounts on the hot shoe on the top of the camera, and provides left and right XLR audio inputs to the camera. The internal camera level controls apply to these XLR inputs when this device is connected. Itís like having built-in XLR inputs on the camera. This adapter also has a clamp to hold a shotgun mic.

This device is an alternative to the Beachtek DXA-4p XLR Adapter which we also offer. The Beachtek is generally a better choice, especially for long cable runs. The MA-300 is suitable for devices located on or close to the camera, or as a backup option if a Beachtek is not available for your rental dates.

Taken with the Canon Powershot D20 Underwater Camera I rented from ATS.
- Ray, via Facebook


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Rented a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L lens to shoot the Super Moon on June 23, 2013. Very happy with the results. 
- Anthony, via Facebook
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