Sony 70-200mm II Lens Rental

The Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 II lens rental is the perfect choice for sports, zoo trips, and wildlife photography. In fact, this lens will work well for anything from candid portraits to weddings. This versatile zoom works well in low light and comes with the tripod collar.

Nikon D750 Camera Rental

From still photos to HD video, the Nikon D750 camera rental does it all. This full-frame, 24.3MP DSLR features a 51-point AF system, takes continuous still shots at up to 6.5 fps, and records full HD 1080p/60 video in clips up to 29 minutes long. It is equipped with a tilting 3.2-inch LCD monitor and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rental

The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro rental could make your next DSLR video great.

This stereo mic was designed to capture broadcast-quality sound for DSLR video, but it will work just as well on a small video camera. The built-in shoe mount features shockmount system to protect against vibration and equipment noise.

Canon 600mm Lens Rental

If you are a wildlife photographer, a photojournalist, or you think massive telephoto lenses are super cool, the Canon 600mm lens rental is here for you. It features fast, quiet autofocus, making it perfect for wildlife photography.

When used with the Canon 1.4x Extender II, the 600mm converts to an incredible 845mm f/5.6 while retaining the use of autofocus and image stabilization. The wildlife won’t even know you’re there. Please note that this monster weighs 8.6 pounds, so remember to bring a monopod or tripod along.

RED Epic Dragon Rental

The RED Epic Dragon rental is available now. This camera package includes everything you need to record motion picture quality video, all neatly packed in a sturdy pelican case. Well, all except for the lens. The EPIC features an EF lens mount, so you can use your own lens collection or choose one or more from our Canon lens rental selection.

The EPIC shoots video and stills at resolutions up to 6K at frame rates from 1-100 frames per second, making it perfect for any professional video you have in mind. It features a 19MP DRAGON sensor for incredible dynamic range and color reproduction.

Sony A58 Camera Rental

The Sony Alpha A58 camera rental takes high-quality still photos up to 20.1 MP and records videos in full HD.

This camera also features the Translucent Mirror Technology. Unique to Sony, this system directs light to both the image sensor and focus sensor at the same time, enabling the AF system to work continuously while recording video and taking photos.

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Canon 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens Rental

Professional cameras deserve professional lenses. This Canon 35mm T1.5 Cine lens rental will compliment any pro video set up, especially the Canon C100, C300, or C500. It will also work equally well on Canon DSLRs or any camera equipped with an EF lens mount.

This EF-mount, manual focus lens features incredible optics which allow for sharp focus even on cameras with 4K sensors and 300 degrees of barrel rotation for precise, consistent focus.

MOVI M5 Stabilizer Rental

We now have the MOVI M5 stabilizer rental available. This hand-held gimbal allows you to capture cinematic or action shots like never before.

The M5 counteracts unwanted movement to compensate for handshake or vehicle-induced vibration. The system’s software intelligently differentiates unwanted shake or vibration from intentional movement, such as panning, while keeping the horizon level.

It is designed for use with mid-sized DSLRs and camcorders weighing up to 5 pounds (including the lens and accessories). To see the M5 in action, check out these videos on Freefly’s site.

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Nikon Mount Lens Rental

If you need a reliable wide angle lens for architectural or interior shots, the Tokina 11-16mm Nikon mount lens rental makes a great option. It creates super wide interior shots or landscapes that are sharp across the frame without the distortion you would see with a fisheye lens.